Scientology cult attacks XS4ALL

Karin Spaink's homepage, very detailed summary about Dutch situation and Co$
As a protest against the scientology raid against xs4all, anonymous internetters have spread fishman posters all over the innercity of Amsterdam. (the Netherlands). Here are some nice fotos!

Press Coverage (english translations)

XS4ALL press release about seizure by scientology
Second statement from xs4all about seizure
Seizure at XS4ALL ordered by Scientology (E-wave)
SCIENTOLOGY CULT seizes computers XS4ALL (NRC-handelsblad)
Cult seizes computers XS4ALL (Daily Planet)
Never defend, always attack (Net magazine)
Scientology at war on internet (Het Parool)
Cult seizes internet-provider (Volkskrant)
internet corners scientology worldwide (Volkskrant)
Scientology-church wages war against the Internet (Trouw)
The usher (NRC-handelsblad)
Church attacks dutch Internetprovider (national tv, VPRO)
Protest against scientology on Internet (NRC-handelsblad)
Scientology gets caught in the Net (De Groene)
Interview with Steven Fishman (Volkskrant)
The battle against Scientology (Nieuwe Revu)

Press Coverage (original versions)

Scientology legt beslag op apparatuur XS4ALL! (persbericht)
Scientology voert oorlog op Internet (Het Parool)
Sekte legt beslag op computers xs4all (Daily Planet)
Beslaglegging bij XS4ALL op laste van Scientology (E-wave)
Sekte laat beslag leggen op systeem Internet-aanbieder (Volkskrant)
Internet drijft scientology wereldwijd in het nauw (volkskrant)
Scientology sekte laat beslag leggen op computers XS4ALL (Nrc-Handelsblad)
Verdedig nooit, val altijd aan (Net magazine)
Ungebetener besuch von scientology (die tageszeitung)
Scientology-kerk voert oorlog tegen internet (Trouw)
Actie tegen Scientology op Internet (NRC-Handelsblad)
Scientology vs. Xs4all (Nieuwe Revu)
Scientology vist achter het Net (De Groene)
Religieuze praktijken (Het Parool)

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