Agitation against Scientology on the Internet

By one of our editors
ROTTERDAM, September 25. On the Dutch Internet, a collective offensive
against the Scientology-cult is gaining momentum. It is an answer to
the seizure by the American cult of the Xs4all-computers, a few weeks
ago. Xs4all is an organization that offers Internet-access. The CoS
ordered the seizure because they feel that the Xs4all-copmuters are
used to publish texts of which Scientology claims the copyright. The
documents concerned are part of a testimony held before an American
court, that has become known as the 'Fishman Affadavit'. On of the
Xs4all-users uploaded these documents on his homepage.
Moreover, Xs4all doesn't accept any responsability for what its users
publish on the Internet. It compares the position of an
Internet-provider with that of a telephone-company. The latter isn't
responsible for the contents of telephone-conversations that it passes
through, states Xs4all. 
After the seizure, the user concerned has removed the document from
his homepage. But during the past few days, several prominent Dutch
netizens have uploaded the document to their own homepage. Amongst
them is the publicist karin Spaink, uploaded the document on her
homepage at 'Planet Internet (
As a full daughter of KPN en publisher Quote, this provider has much
bigger financial resources to be able to defend itself in a possible
lawsuit by CoS. Recently, the Dutch Congress-member Cherribi (VVD)
uploaded the Fishman-documents to his homepage as well.