Used in  de Volkskrant', September 6, 1995, page 3:

Cult seizes system of Internet-provider

Past Tuesday, the Church of Scientology has seized the computer-system of the Xs4all-foundation, one of the Netherland's leading Internet-providers. This legal action is the result of an electronic battle between the cult and its opponents that has been going on for months. The cult claims that its copyright has been violated because religious' documents have been distributed on the international computer-network without permission. Xs4all is supposedly one of those responsible for this violation'. Xs4all-manager F. Rodriquez admits that the document can be found on the Xs4all-system, but stresses the fact that the foundation only passes through information. It can therefore not be held responsible for the conduct of individual users. Nevertheless, the user concerned has been informed about the legal action. He removed the document yesterday. The document originates from an American trial and contains a detailed testimony of a former cult-member, who has been sentenced to prison for postal fraude. Scientology ordered him to see to it that huge amounts of commercial mail were delivered at the homes of opponents. In his declaration, he elaborates on the cult's philosophy. It is based on the premisse that life on Earth was created by an alien creature. The revenues from books that deal with this theory are one of the cults major resources. The cult has been hunting the electronic versions of the testimony for a long time now. But until last month, the document was freely accesible in the concerned court's library. Cult-spokesperson Goodman has stated that no further legal action will be undertaken against Xs4all, now that the document has been removed from the system. Francisco van Jole More information can be found at URL: